Nourish Your Plants, Nurture the Planet with BioBloom - Our Organic Plant Fertilizer.

Rejuvenate your plantings, from house plants to veggie gardens, lush lawns, flower beds and fruit trees, with the sustainable power of BioBloom—100% natural fertiliser to enrich the soil and drive stronger, healthier growth.

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Indoor Plants

Discover the joy of flourishing indoor plants. Our formula is designed to provide your green companions with the nutrients they need to thrive. Simply incorporate it into your potting soil for healthier, more vibrant indoor foliage.


Veggie Gardens

Imagine harvesting your own home-grown vegetables. With our product, you can cultivate a lush, productive veggie garden. Mix it into your garden soil for robust vegetable growth and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Lush Lawns

Transform your lawn into a lush, verdant oasis. Our fertiliser enhances soil fertility, promoting the growth of thick, healthy grass. Follow the mantra of Mix It, Plant It, Grow It, Simple for a lawn that's the envy of your neighbours.


Flower Patches

Brighten up your garden with vibrant, blooming flowers. Our fertiliser nourishes your flower patches, stimulating abundant blossoms. Simply mix it into your soil and watch your garden transform into a colourful paradise.


Fruit Trees

Ensure your fruit trees receive the care they deserve. Our formula provides your trees with essential nutrients, encouraging them to bear juicy, delicious fruits. Incorporate it into your soil and watch your trees flourish.


Native Plants

Support the growth of New Zealand's unique flora. Our fertiliser is designed to provide native plants with the nutrients they need to thrive in their natural habitat. Explore the wonders of our native plants and contribute to their preservation.

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Family Owned Business

Our Canterbury family business values creativity, innovation, and sustainability. Our unique flower watering can, inspired by our daughter's drawing, exemplifies these values. Her imagination has helped shape our business, encouraging us to think differently and create eco-friendly solutions.